When is the last time you did something that lit you up, felt true joy, or couldn’t stop smiling? 

Have you ever felt scared or sick to your stomach when you were about to try something new?

Do you have a bucket list? Or as I call it, a dream list? If so, have you taken the time to write it out?

When we become adults, have kids, or work in the corporate world, we forget about making time to do things that light us up and feed our soul and creativity! 

Maybe you have never allowed yourself to think or write out what you want, but these two steps of thinking and writing it out are potent to make those “things” you daydream about a reality. 

This is one of the many assignments I have my clients do in my Unplugged Program. I call it the 101 Dream List. I have them make a list of 101 things they want to ‘do,’ ‘be’ or ‘have’ in their lives.

“To have things you have never had, you have to DO things you’ve never done.” Dr. Shaun Marler.

Shoes with shadow wall

Yes, I dance like a white girl! 


Let me share some things with you that I have marked off my dream list and why they happened.

After watching my oldest daughter grow up taking dance classes, I would watch her hip hop and lyrical performances so much that it ignited a deep interest within me. I wanted to move like that! Once that interest was ignited, I would daydream of taking an adult hip-hop class but thought maybe I was too old or was worried about how I would look. I love the movement! I was a gymnast when I was younger and had been teaching yoga since 2004.  It wasn’t until I went through a coaching program that I wrote out my dreams and desires for the first time. I started to verbalize the things on my list to my girls and husband to make them seem more real. Once I began verbalizing, I wanted to find a beginner adult dance class my oldest daughter found one! I had to follow through! In 2019, I went to my first class all by myself, not knowing anyone there. It was SO MUCH FUN! I have been back several times, including the past two weeks, because classes have reopened. 


Another thing on my list was to hike Havasu Falls. It was something I had dreamed about for years, but it was not until I wrote it out and verbalized it that I finally went.

It seemed surreal when I was actually in The Grand Canyon, staring at the waterfall for the first time. I had looked at pictures online and visualized myself there for years. I did it! I figured out a way to pay for it and arranged for my husband to be home with our girls for four days while I was gone. Where there is a will, there is a way! 

Through these experiences, I realized how powerful it is to write your dreams out, read them regularly, and say them aloud to those who support you. I believe this is what made some of my dream list items become a reality.

Testimonial from the last client who completed my Unplugged Program

Ignite Your Soul! 6

“I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Teresa’s coaching program (The Unplugged Program & Porter Method). It’s pushed me to pursue things that up until now I’ve really only thought about doing, like learning how to do reiki. I have also learned a lot about myself throughout the entire process and really delved into my feelings, my desires and dreams, as well as my needs. There were many key things throughout the course that helped me to recognize negative patterns and replace them with positive ones.” -Amari

I want to challenge YOU

I challenge you to create a “Dream” list (aka a Bucket List) of 101 things you want to ‘do,’ ‘be’ or ‘have’ in this life. Don’t hold back; nothing is too silly or crazy; don’t worry about others’ judgment! Just start writing out those things that come to mind. If you have a hard time figuring out what to write down, think back to what you used to do in high school or college that excited you. Sit still, close your eyes, and daydream about what would make you happy to wake up in the morning.

Once my clients have created their list, I have them pick 1-2 things that have been on their mind and heart the longest to start making it a reality. And then, we brainstorm and do activities together to make it real.

Get out of your own way

Working in the wellness industry for over 20 years, I have learned that many of us are limiting ourselves because of our negative self-talk, false beliefs, and the stories we tell ourselves that don’t serve us. This plays into us getting out of our comfort zone. I often encourage my clients to do things out of their comfort zone, but too often, they are quick to come up with excuses before they even try!  The more you get out of your comfort zone, the easier it becomes! So if you want to achieve new heights in your life, get used to being uncomfortable

I have also learned to make sustainable change; you have to invest in coaches to break through those plateaus and unconscious blocks. We all have good intentions, but let’s be honest with ourselves, how many of you follow through 100%? Sadly too often, people are so stuck and scared to work through the hard bullshit, but when you do, there is no limit to what new and better life you can have!

Finish 2020, a new you!

If you keep thinking that your life could be better, but you can’t get out of your own way, my Unplugged Program is for YOU! STOP making excuses and realize you deserve better! When you start taking care of YOU, it will have a positive ripple effect on those around you!

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Live Life Unplugged

Did you know right next to the dark shadowy part of yourself that you don’t want to look at, sits your greatest gift? But it takes the willingness to turn toward and work through your S.H.I.T. (Stress Habits Irritations Triggers) to connect to and offer this gift to the world.

Remove the noise | Win back your day | Become a High Performer

Teresa has been blessed to work with clients for over 20 years and has seen first-hand that there are definite commonalities among people who have created the life they desire.

Are you ready to:

• To reconnect with yourself at the core?

• To finally dispose of the toxic stories you’ve always told yourself? 

• Remove the negative labels you been given that were ultimately holding you back from achieving success?

If so, let's talk! 


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