I am excited to announce I am teaming up with Rockie Rovers for an epic off-roading escapade into the heart of a breathtaking canyon!


Where: Bulldog Canyon in Az
When: April 20, 2024
Time: 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
Cost: $350/pp (Only spots available, regular price $1,000 per person)
What is included: Off-roading, yoga, breathwork, and a campfire-style dinner.

We are turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with yoga, meditation, and breathwork – a soulful journey to unplug from the daily hustle!

Let’s swap screens for blue skies, trade stress for serenity, and trade the ordinary for extraordinary! Make memories with us that fuel our souls!

I decided to partner with Rockie Rovers because of their WHY and vision aligned with mine. To create experiences to help YOU unplug, to realize YOU are meant to THRIVE, not just survive! 

One of the ways to help you unplug and THRIVE is to activate your parasympathetic state

What happens to your body when in a sympathetic or parasympathetic state? 

First, let’s review what these states mean. 

The sympathetic state is flight, fight, freeze, or fawn. 

The parasympathetic state is rest and digest.

It is essential to look at your health as a whole, including your mental, emotional, and physical health, because they all feed into each other. 

Most of our society gets stuck in a sympathetic state because of habits, lifestyle, and habits. When we get stuck in this state, a form of autopilot, it increases cortisol levels, contributing to negative feedback loops in your brain and repeating patterns that don’t serve you. This increases anxiety, depression, digestive problems, high blood pressure, etc.

How can we disrupt these negative feedback loops in our brain, thus disrupting our negative patterns and habits? 

Incorporating practices, modalities, and OUTDOOR EXPERIENCES are just a few ways to help disrupt our brain’s negative feedback loop. Doing this takes us out of the Sympathetic state (flight, fight, or freeze state) to the Parasympathetic state (Reset and digest), bringing us to homeostasis, where healing can occur.

Rockie Rovers is a dad- and son-owned company with a story for their WHY of starting this business together! 

Meet Ryan and Jacob

Meet Ryan and Jacob

Owners of Rockie Rovers

Ryan’s (Dad) Story

I’ve spent the last 20+ years working in high-stress and highly demanding roles. Being a technologist has its perks, but the hours are long, the work is intense, and the deadlines are stressful. When we all started working from home a few years ago, it got even more intense to equip and build businesses with the technology to keep them going. This led me to a dark place filled with anxiety, chronic pain, and the feeling of “Groundhog Day.” 

I found many friends and functional practitioners to help me reset my mind and body and restore my hope and life! This journey of recovery took about 2 years after I experienced an emergency room episode for a minor stroke. Blood wasn’t flowing appropriately, limiting the flow to my brain.  

After a near-death experience, I realized I couldn’t live the same way anymore. I started with resetting my body and rewiring my patterns. It was a collection of the moments that followed over the next 2 years that led me to accept that I was Made for More!

My son and I started Rockie Rovers not only to embrace our expertise with Land Rovers, off-roading, and creating incredible experiences for people – but also to help others get an opportunity to RESET and realize they too, are MADE FOR MORE. 

Our goal is to create an exhilarating experience that leads guests into a moment of connection. Unplug from the everyday tasks, deadlines, hurts, and hang-ups. Take a day to get the adrenaline pumping, check in with yourself, and meet some cool people, and eat some incredible food along the way! We are all made for more, and it’s just a matter of becoming aware of this truth and learning how to accept it. Our experiences are designed to jumpstart this process, and we are honored to be a part of our guest’s journey.

Jacob’s (son) story 

Hello, my name is Jacob Wilson. I grew up in a small Ohio town where everything moved slower, and my body felt better, and my breathing was relaxed and restored. We moved to Arizona when I was just a scared little kid who struggled with anxiety. Dad got our family a Land Rover to get me outside and happy again, but I resisted learning about cars.

When I got my permit, everything changed. Spent two years with Dad, turning it into a rock crawler and having a blast spending time with my dad. One day, someone pulled out in front of our project car and totaled it. It was a devastating loss for both myself and my dad. I felt like I could no longer live how I wanted to live. After a few months, we found another Land Rover that needed a lot of work. I started working on it for months with Dad’s guidance. My anxiety lifted when I put the finishing touches of the new bumper on, as it meant I could go out and be free again. It was at this moment I realized both me and the Land Rover were “made for more.”