Morning ritual designed to inspire and energize by focusing on self-care to enhance overall well-being and productivity.

The Power Hour, 5 To Thrives

Hi, my name is Teresa Porter, and I am the owner and CEO of Sirrine Yoga. I put together some of my resources that will aid in waking up the body, mind, body, and soul and help you have an inspired, creative, and productive day. I suggest using these tools and practices along with some of your go-tos before you check into everyone’s agendas. That means before you check texts, emails, social media, and the news. 

I call this time a power hour for you that feeds your mind, body, and soul. The Power Hour is one of the 5 To Thrive I teach my clients and community. Over the past twenty-plus years, I have seen five things they neglect, but if they did these five actions, it would help them Thrive, not just survive. This Power Hour is meant to pour into yourself before you give to everyone else. When you start off your morning this way, you become intentional in many ways throughout the day and less reactive. 

Connect and Envision Sequence

The 8-minute video below briefly overviews practices to ignite your mind, body, and soul for the day. Feel free to adjust the pace, pausing or extending each step as needed. This flexibility lets you personalize your experience and cater to your unique needs. 

Release Your Upper Body

After a prolonged period of sitting, it’s important to move and energize your body. The following exercises are designed to target specific areas and promote overall well-being.

Upper Back Stretches

Helps create ROM (Range of Motion) and release the upper body (thoracic region)

2 min wall stretches to release tension in shoulders, chest, low back, and hamstrings

Lower Back and Hips 

For low back & hips (recommend doing this one before next one)

Have you Hit A Wall physically, mentally, and emotionally? Try these three simple poses to help you reset!

Legs Up The Wall

The legs-up-the-wall yoga pose, Inverted Lake or Viparita Karani, has many benefits—see below. But I found these three variations of this pose will help release your lower back, hamstrings, and inner thighs. Elevating your legs above your heart will help bring blood flow back towards your heart and energize you. It can also act as an energy reversal. So, if you need an energy boost or wind down at night, legs up the wall is a good option.

These three poses are from my “15 minutes Against the Wall” online yoga video, also featured on a segment of ABC15’s Sonoran Living Live Morning Show!

I want to gift you FULL access to my online yoga video of 15 minutes Against the Wall

Other Benefits Of Putting The Legs Up The Wall In As Little As 1-10 minutes, Just 1-2 Times A Day:

  • It helps to reset the stress response in the body.
  • Helps to lower cortisol levels in the body (high cortisol is a direct contributor to abdominal fat- significant in perimenopause and menopause)
  • It helps improve circulation, especially in the lower body (swollen legs/ankles, varicose veins, edema, etc.)
  • It brings all the blood back to the digestive system and organs (increased blood flow = improved organ health)
  • It pulls you out of sympathetic (fight/flight) and brings you into parasympathetic (rest/digest)
  • Regularly putting your legs up before bedtime can improve sleep since it lowers cortisol and resets your body’s stress response (in turn promoting better hormone balance)
  • It helps reduce anxiety and depression since it pushes the body into parasympathetic mode (rest/digest)

Teresa, The Visionary of Sirrine Yoga: 

Born and raised in the sun-soaked streets of Gilbert, Arizona, Teresa Porter embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. As a devoted wife and mother of three, she wears multiple hats with grace and tenacity while steadfastly turning her dreams into tangible realities.

With a career spanning over two decades in the health and fitness industry, Teresa’s journey began as a massage therapist, evolved into a yoga instructor, and flourished further as an emotional release practitioner. Each step of her professional odyssey was not merely a career choice but a personal necessity.

Through her years of experience, Teresa has witnessed firsthand the profound impact of unaddressed emotions and neglect of self-care on physical well-being, observing how they manifest into ailments like autoimmune diseases and chronic pain.

Sirrine Yoga Teresa Porter, 2024

Driven by her unwavering passion and deep understanding of holistic healing, Teresa offers more than a service; she offers an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Her innovative approach, The Porter Method, combines emotional release techniques with physical movement and inner peace work, empowering individuals to overcome subconscious barriers and reconnect with their true essence.

Teresa’s magnetic presence and unmatched expertise have earned her recognition on various media platforms, from ABC15 to iHeartRadio, where she shares her insights and wisdom. Her diverse clientele, including NFL athletes and corporate executives, is a testament to the life-changing impact of her work.

As you explore Teresa’s realm, you’re not just investing in a service but embracing a paradigm shift towards a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Join her on this extraordinary journey and witness the transformational power of reclaiming your authenticity and designing a life on your terms.

Would you be interested in going deeper into these practices with your company or personally? Let’s get on a quick call to discover the possibilities.