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The Grief Relief Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ March 23, 2024.

On October 14th, I hosted my first GRIEF RELIEF retreat with a few other practitioners on the grounds of Rite of Passage and held space for 6 incredible people dealing with grief. 

It was a success in many ways. One of the biggest compliments we received that day was the question of how many years you have been hosting these retreats. They were surprised to hear it was our first. Timing and synergy between people and location make an event successful, and the attendees could feel it. I am honored and blessed by the way our crew came together, seemingly and at perfect timing for others to receive the RELIEF of losing a loved one.

One of the parts I led was the movement session. Seeing the attendees get in their bodies, connect, release, and laugh was beautiful.

Some of the feedback we received from the attendees about that day:

“Felt so motivated the next day.”

“I feel so refreshed.”

“I found myself wanting to set more joy goals”


Mathew Blades, my co-host, and I wanted to share a slide show with some of the pictures from the retreat and more! Click below to join our conversation and see some of our favorite pictures.

Claim Your Healing Journey 

If this conversation resonates with you or you’ve been harboring a sense of unease that this retreat might be your path to healing, don’t hesitate. We have limited spots available for this life-changing experience. Click the link below to claim your spot and start your journey of healing and transformation.

Discover the Extraordinary: The Grief Relief Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ, October 14, 2023. Pic of the crew left to right, Rob, Jill, Teresa, Mathew

The Grief Relief Retreat

Scottsdale, AZ  March 23, 2024

The crew from left to right: Rob, Jill, Teresa, and Mathew.

Take a moment to envision a new beginning for this new year – picture a heart filled with lightness, boundless joy, and inner peace. This vision can become your reality, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our mission is crystal clear: to equip you with essential tools and surround you with a supportive community to navigate the intricate terrain of grief.

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Do you still have questions or need more information about the Grief Relief Retreat? Teresa is here to personally address any concerns or queries you might have. You can schedule a one-on-one conversation with her through the link below or contact Mathew directly via email. mathewblades@fatherslikeme.com

Don't let uncertainty hold you back any longer. Seize this opportunity to embrace healing, discover boundless joy, and connect with a community that genuinely cares. Let's embark on this journey together towards a brighter, more joyful future.

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With heartfelt warmth,

Teresa, Mathew, Jill, and Rob