Mathew Blades

Do you have triggers (like many others do) around the holidays? 

Imagine if, in just one 60-minute emotional release session, you could…

  • Become less reactive and more objective
  • Create healthier boundaries
  • Become less stressed and frustrated
  • Feel more joy
  • Have ZERO emotional eating 

Physics shows that all things have an energetic vibration, including thoughts and intentions. Thoughts are things, and emotions elicit somatic or bodily responses. Negative emotions and their energies disrupt or block the flow to various organs and areas of the body, causing weakness, pain, dysfunctions, and disease.  Imagine how negative emotions can wreak havoc on the body physically and emotionally.  Doing the work necessary to release those negative emotions trapped in the subconscious causes a positive bodily response. The energy in the body shifts, where overall well-being begins to occur.

​​The study of mental and emotional therapies to release these trapped negative energies began as early as the 1930s; many effective emotional release modalities exist. From Teresa’s experience, she found that the fastest and most effective therapy is an emotional release technique called the Emotion Code.


Here is what one of my clients had to say after just one Emotional Release Session with the Emotion Code Technique. (can be done virtually too)

Kelly’s Experience

“I am very self-aware and have done a TON of self-work and healing.  Even so, there are things the body needs help releasing.  I did an Emotion Code session with Teresa at the end of September.  I did not want to go into my second holiday season since my mom’s death feeling the weight of the grief and loss and being triggered by those emotions. I wanted to know how to control them.

I am so thankful I did it! I am just over three weeks from my session and continue seeing benefits. Even my family noticed I seemed less stressed and frustrated and happier and relaxed.I feel less reactive and more objective. I laugh more. My boundaries are healthier.  I feel more balanced, which I have not felt for a while. The last few years left an emotional heaviness on me, but now  I feel so much more emotionally light after just one session of releasing stuck emotions.

I highly recommend it!  You have nothing to lose except stuck emotions that are working against you.”

Imagine what it would feel like to begin with a fresh start as you move through the holidays and into the new year feeling lighter and with joy and ease.  Has the time come for YOU to invest in your mental wellness and feel free of fear, anxiety, negative life choices, and feeling stuck? 

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