Unburdening yourself from emotional baggage is paramount for your professional success, particularly in business.

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Professionalism: Clinging to negative emotions can compromise your professionalism, hindering your ability to build trust with clients or customers. Trust is necessary to guide them towards success.

Empathy: Wrestling with unresolved emotions makes connecting with others and understanding their needs difficult. Empathy is critical in making clients feel valued and heard, fostering stronger relationships.

Objectivity: Emotional baggage distorts judgment, making it challenging to provide impartial advice. Objectivity is crucial for offering unbiased guidance, which is essential for fruitful business relationships.

Self-care: Holding onto negative emotions drains your energy and impacts your overall well-being. Letting go lets you prioritize self-care, maintaining the vitality necessary for delivering quality services.

Shedding emotional baggage enhances your effectiveness, professionalism, empathy, objectivity, and self-care.

Sirrine Yoga Teresa Porter, 2024

Teresa’s journey in the health and fitness industry spans over two decades. Starting as a massage therapist and evolving into a yoga instructor, she eventually found her niche as an emotional release practitioner. Her path wasn’t just a career choice but a personal quest for healing.

Teresa has witnessed firsthand how unresolved emotions and neglecting self-care manifest into physical ailments. Her innovative approach, The Porter Method, integrates emotional release techniques with physical movement and inner peace work, guiding individuals toward self-discovery and transformation.

Specifically tailored for business owners, Teresa’s emotional release sessions address blocks and stagnation often rooted in past traumas or unresolved issues. She helps clients identify and overcome these barriers through modalities like the Emotion Code, restoring creativity, flow, and ease within their business. These sessions can be done virtually and in person.

To delve deeper into Teresa’s methodology, consider watching an interview with Grace Chang, a seasoned energy healer. Based on data from live blood analysis, Grace’s insights demonstrate the effectiveness of remote energy healing, particularly after an Emotion Code session with Teresa.

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