Can negative trapped emotions be contributing to your chronic pain, depression, lack of motivation, and more?

Ever considered, you might have negative trapped emotions? 1

In November of 2019 was my 20th year of being a licensed and practicing massage therapist. My clients come to me to help them relieve their physical aches and pain, but there are times it comes back no matter how frequent their sessions are or what techniques I try. I have learned that there are usually a couple of reasons why their pain keeps showing up. Either they are not implementing healthy habits to help combat the stressors in their life or actively looking for ways to eliminate the stressors that can be removed because they are stuck on autopilot, or they have trapped emotions from past or present issues that are contributing to their pain. 


From my personal experience and working with clients for this length of time, I have learned there are usually deep-rooted issues why people do not show up for themselves when it comes to being proactive with their health. It is essential to look at your health as a whole, which includes your mental, emotional, and physical well being because they all feed into each other. 


Recently, I had the honor to be part of ABC15’s Sonoran Living Live morning show, which was all about Women and Wellness. I shared a technique called The Emotion Code that I use with my clients that can help relieve pain, depression, lack of motivation, and so much more! 

Ever considered, you might have negative trapped emotions? 2

Watch the segment below to learn how it works and who was the Dr who came up with this quick and VERY effective technique.



If you are curious and want to learn more about how it works, below is an overview of how it works.

Just as the Human body has vascular systems that run blood and lymph from head to toe, our bodies also stream electromagnetic energy through an interconnected system that flows throughout the entire body. 


This system was discovered over 5,000 years ago and is the basis for acupuncture therapies, the efficacy of which is well documented, and accepted by health organizations worldwide, including the U.S. National Institutes of Health.


Most of us have probably heard of the power of your Intention or thoughts that can set the tone or change an outcome. It is proven that thoughts are things. Thoughts and beliefs elicit somatic or bodily responses. For example, we know that anger elicits increased heart rate and blood pressure. Anxiety and nervousness make you feel like you have knots in your stomach or get sweaty.

We learn from the study of Physics that all things have an energetic vibration, including thoughts. Negative emotions and their energies disrupt or block the flow of our energy to various organs and areas of the body, causing weakness, pain, dysfunctions, disease, etc.

The study of mental and emotional therapies to release these trapped negative energies began as early as the 1930s, and today there are many effective emotional release modalities. From Teresa’s personal experience, she found that the fastest and most effective therapy is Emotion Code, which utilizes Applied Kinesiology, which is also known as muscle testing, to identify the trapped emotions in the body. Then a magnet is used down the governing meridian to release them. The governing meridian runs from the top of your head down to your tailbone. It is an energy reservoir that connects to all the acupuncture meridians of the body. 

Since the magnet is energy, you are putting energy into the governing meridian that instantly flows into the body, and the trapped emotion is released. An analogy is when magnets come in contact with our credit cards, it can erase the info stored on it. For Emotion Code, it helps release the trapped emotions that allow us to let go of our old stories, identities and release the heavy baggage that we probably know we need to let go, but not sure how.

My journey of struggle and triumph, all the modalities I have trained in, and 20 years of data from working with clients, I designed an 8-week program to help people create and sustain a self-care program to help them achieve new heights, which includes The Emotion Code.

If you would like to learn more info about The Emotion Code and the 8-week program, go to

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With 20 years of proven techniques from working with clients, I have taken the time to create an 8-week program to help you create and sustain a self-care program to achieve new heights.

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