bottled emotions

Do you remember the last time you were nervous or angry? You probably felt like your stomach was in knots, or when that anger kicked in, your heart rate and blood pressure started to rise.

Did you feel like you were going to explode by lashing out in actions or words that you would later regret? Or did push those heightened emotions deep inside instead of figuring out a way to release them healthily.

Do you know what is happening to the body when you have these heightened emotions? And what happens on a visceral level when we bottle our feelings?

You have probably heard that the power of your intention or thoughts can set the tone or change an outcome. Thoughts are things, and emotions elicit somatic or bodily responses. 

We learn from the study of physics that all things have an energetic vibration, including thoughts. Negative emotions and their energies disrupt or block that flow to various organs and areas of the body, causing weakness, pain, dysfunctions, disease, etc.

I talk about this in detail in my interview on “Naked Tax Talk” with Jonathan Bengel … things got a little personal. 


I shared what sent me to the ER room last October (it was emotional, and it completely knocked me on my back).


It was an intense experience, and I realize even more now how important it is to set healthy boundaries and express and fulfill my needs.  


I share two key questions that will teach you how to check in with yourself that will help you create a self-care plan that will feed your mind, body, and spirit? 


Jonathan shared a fascinating analogy of how life is like cow manure. 


Tune in to our conversation


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The Porter Method


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