3 simple stretches to release stress in 5 minutes or less

Featured on ABC15 Sonoran Living 

Next time you need relief in the upper body use these quick and easy yoga poses.  These stretches are great to help reverse the action of the muscles we use from repetitive motions from our jobs or workouts. It is important to do stretches like these on a regular basis.

I was able to share my passion for yoga on Sonoran Living Live on ABC15. The segment featured quick, simple ways to relieve upper body tension in 5-10 minutes a day! It is all about proper technique, breathing, and visualization. 


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Convenient-Videos are 15-45 minutes, allowing even busy people to complete at home or on the go
For every BODY– Each video takes you through variations and stages, which allows you to track your progression to align with your ultimate goal of your yoga practice.

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