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Of How To Use Yoga In Quick & Practical Ways!


Last week I was able to share how to use yoga in quick and practicals ways in a LIVE interview with Mathew Blades at MIX 96.9 on their “Good Life” Segment that on airs on Mondays!

Did you know yoga can help with:

  • Quick 5-minute workouts
  • Combat midsection weight gain
  • Ease digestion and constipation
  • Increase energy
  • Increase overall flexibility
  • De-stress and lower anxiety

Yoga is what you make it and it is a matter of deciding what you want to take away from incorporating it into your schedule that will determine how much time you will dedicate to it!

LIVE Interview On MIX 96.9 "Good Life" Segment 1

We also did a FaceBook LIVE to show which poses to do to help relieve low back pain, tight hip flexors, and upper body tension!

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