My Passion Is Teaching And Building Awareness

Of How To Use Yoga In Quick & Practical Ways!


I have been blessed to share my skills and expertise on many platforms, including iHeartRadio’s MIX96.9 with Mathew Blades on their “Good Life” Segment that airs on Mondays!” In this exclusive interview, I shared how to use yoga in quick and practical ways to enhance your lifestyle. 

I often hear that yoga is intimidating or don’t have the time to incorporate it! Being a working mother of three, I am all about being effective and efficient to get the best results. Listen to this interview to learn more about how yoga can be used as a toolbelt of solutions to elevate your lifestyle! 


We also did a FaceBook LIVE to show which poses to do to help relieve low back pain, tight hip flexors, and upper body tension!

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Imagine if you had tools at your fingertips that could:

  • De-stress and lower anxiety
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Increase energy, mental clarity, and focus
  • Ease digestion and constipation 
  • Combat midsection weight gain
  • And so much more!

Yoga is the tool that can aid in all of these benefits and more. You can incorporate the principles and concepts of yoga in the comfort of your own home or on the go! 

I know what you are thinking… I don’t know where to start; I don’t have the time, I feel uncomfortable, I am not flexible enough. I have heard all the excuses over the past 21 years of working with clients. Let me be your online guide to teach you how and when to use yoga as a toolbelt of solutions. Yoga is what you make it, and it is a matter of deciding what you want to take away from incorporating it into your schedule that will determine how much time you will dedicate to it! 

Start your yoga journey with me:

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