Mathew Blades

Have you gone to a chiropractor, massage therapist, Dr., or PT, and no matter what they do or how often you see them, the obstacle your body is facing won’t go away? Or the western medical doctors just can’t figure out why you have specific symptoms or health issues? 

Well, let me ask you, do you remember the last time you were nervous or angry? You probably felt like your stomach was in knots, and your heart rate and blood pressure started to rise.  Did you feel like you were going to explode by lashing out in actions or words that you would later regret? Or did you push those heightened negative emotions deep inside instead of figuring out how to release them in a healthy matter?

Have you considered that your symptoms, health issues, and chronic pain came from a negative trapped emotion or unresolved past trauma? 

Did you know our bodies know the truth? Our bodies give us feedback if we are willing to listen. When we don’t speak or suppress our truth, it weakens our bodies.  How does this play into finding the answers the doctors can’t give you a solution for?

Let me introduce to you my long friend, client, and college, Mathew Blades,  who was a radio host on MIX 96.9 and iheart radio. For 27 years, he had one of the greatest jobs, that of a successful radio host. Nearly 20 years were spent as a morning personality in great cities like Washington DC, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and for the last 12 years in Phoenix, Az.

We met in 2010 at an event at a local gym, and he expressed interest in one of the massage modalities I specialize in, called Ashiatsu! I do the whole massage with my feet. He came in for a session; the rest is history, and he has been a client and friend since. Over the years, he has seen me for different reasons, whether for massage, private yoga, or emotional release sessions. Over the years, I have been invited to be interviewed a few times when he was a radio host for MIX 96.9 and iheart radio!

After 3 years of battling chronic pain, anxiety, shingles, panic attacks, and severe depression,  he found himself at a crossroads at the end of 2021. He knew he needed to start self-care and step into his purpose like his life depended on it. (because it did)

He took a leave from his radio show and checked into a holistic mental and spiritual health retreat, then went on a long vacation with his family to sort out the rest of my life. In the retreat, he went to work on his “Trauma Trilogy.” 

Last month he invited me to be on his platform Mathewblades Media podcast “Learn From People WHO Lived It” where we had an in-depth and no-filter conversation about his journey that led him to walk away from his career. He shares his experience of our extensive work together over the last 12 years, especially in 2019, and how one of the modalities gave tremendous insights into the beginning of what was to come.  

Click below to listen to this insightful and open conversation that might help you connect the dots to some of your life’s blocks and health issues.

Here are a few points about our conversation:

  • Why do certain areas of your body hold onto emotional pain and create symptoms your practitioner can’t relieve no matter what techniques they try? 
  • Areas of the body you have chronic or acute pain can be tied to specific emotions. 
  • The most common area of the body people holds their trauma and techniques to release it. 
  • What chakra holds your childhood trauma?
  • Why do you develop your adult reality around false beliefs that hold you back from reaching your full potential and living an authentic, fulfilling life? 
  • Have stomach issues that the doctors can’t figure out? I share two personal accounts, including my youngest daughter’s stomach issues in our conversation. 
  • I share the notes from Mathew’s Emotional Release sessions with me in 2019
What is your body telling YOU? 1

Do you believe you suffer or have symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression? You are not alone, 77 % of the population suffers too.

Do you experience migraines, chronic pain, insomnia, an autoimmune disease, etc? Negative emotions or trauma could be contributing or be the main cause of these health issues. 

Are you aware that thoughts, intentions, and emotions are energy? Energy gives off certain vibrations and frequencies in our bodies. Every thought, intention, and emotion, positive or negative, sends off a certain vibration in your body. The heightened negative ones can become trapped, eliciting a somatic/visceral or bodily response causing weakness, pain, dysfunctions, and disease. 

I mentioned  77 % of the population suffers from stress. But the alarming number is that 70% of your day is spent feeling stressed. You are constantly in fight or flight mode, which increases cortisol levels. Those levels then have a ripple effect which increases anxiety, depression, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and so on. 

I have spent over two decades studying the mind/body connection, how it shows up in our bodies, and how to release it. I have formulated a very simple process to eliminate these stressors in your life. 

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. I want to invite you to step out of this insanity and try something different to release your negative heightened emotions healthily.

Invest in yourself TODAY and book your virtual emotional release session by clicking the link below. As a bonus, you will receive unlimited access to my Unplugged Interview Series, containing over 30 interviews with High Performers who share their stories and offer tips on how they unplugged from the self-sabotaging behavior that kept them from achieving their goals.

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If you would like to connect with Mathew, you can check out his website below or follow him on IG.