Here’s a sneak peak of three different poses from my “15 Minutes Against the Wall” video. We all know what it is like to hit that wall of physical and mental exhaustion and not know what to do next. These three poses will help you to de-stress, energize, and calm your mind while taking you into a version of savasana. These three poses will help to release your low back, hamstrings, and inner thighs. Elevating your legs above your heart will help to bring blood flow back towards your heart and energize you. Being a working mother of three, I know all about hitting that wall of exhaustion and I know how helpful, and easy, these poses are!

These three poses will be featured on an upcoming segment of ABC15’s Sonoran Living Live in January! Read more about this story on my blog post “Letting go of your fears!”

These are the three poses. Hold each of these poses for 3-10 breaths. Drop your breath from your chest into your belly, breathing in and out through your nose. As your inhale, expand both your chest and abdomen. As you exhale, draw your belly button towards your spine. Keep your inhalations and exhalations even and continuous.


15 min pike by Sirrine Yoga

Pike: Start with your legs up the wall in a pike position and your sitz bones (your butt) against the wall. Sink your shoulders into the floor. Hold and breathe.





Tailor pose

Tailor Pose

Tailor Pose: Bring the pads and heels of your feet together, letting the outside edges of your feet rest against the wall. Let your heels drop towards inner thighs. If you want to make the stretch deeper, use your hands to push your inner thighs towards the wall.


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