The Unplugged Program

Release your subconscious blocks | Reconnect to yourself at the CORE | Design the life you desire

This program helps you work through your subconscious blocks to reconnect to yourself at the CORE, which is the groundwork of creating sustainable change and designing the life you desire! This is done through The Porter Method, which includes emotional release techniques, movement (yoga), and inner work.
The Porter Method

Amari’s Testimonial After Completing The Unplugged Program

Amari Is Soaring To New Heights 1

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Teresa’s coaching program (The Unplugged Program & Porter Method). It’s pushed me to pursue things that up until now I’ve really only thought about doing like learning how to do reiki. I have also learned a lot about myself throughout the entire process and really delved into my feelings, my desires and dreams as well as my needs. There were many key things throughout the course that helped me to recognize negative patterns and replace them with positive ones.

I have to stress that learning to focus on myself and my needs in a healthy way has been monumental for me.

I also can’t say enough about the emotion code and how much that has helped me. I feel like I have reached & released emotions that were so deep inside of me that I wasn’t even aware that they were there. I’m getting to the actual deep down core of what was causing my condition. As scary and painful (both mentally and physically) as that may be, I know that it’s necessary and I’m prepared to do the work. I know that this entered my life at this precise time because I was ready for it. It’s certainly not for the weak. It’s hard work yet it’s still easier than a lot of the things that I have tried. The sheer joy & lightness that I’ve felt after a session cannot be explained. If this is something you’re considering then there’s a reason and you should investigate that. I’m so grateful for this experience.

I couldn’t have imagined results like this.

Live Life Unplugged

Did you know right next to the dark shadowy part of yourself that you don’t want to look at, sits your greatest gift? But it takes the willingness to turn toward and work through your S.H.I.T. (Stress Habits Irritations Triggers) to connect to and offer this gift to the world.

Remove the noise | Win back your day | Become a High Performer

Teresa has been blessed to work with clients for over 20 years and has seen first-hand that there are definite commonalities among people who have created the life they desire.

Are you ready to:

• To reconnect with yourself at the core?

• To finally dispose of the toxic stories you’ve always told yourself? 

• Remove the negative labels you been given that were ultimately holding you back from achieving success?

If so, let's talk!