Legends of Style Book cover

Remy Toh is a celebrity fashion stylist, model, author, and celebrity. For the past three decades it has been Remy’s passion to create timeless images for celebrities and other high profile gentlemen through fashion.

Working for top designers such as Valentino, Remy became a personal bespoke fashion consultant to a variety of professional athletes and media celebrities. He cultivated his sartorial skills by working behind the scenes and as a model on the runways of Paris, London, New York and Japan.

His styling and artistry is sought out by various publications including UMEN in the Middle East for which he wrote a monthly fashion advice column. He has been a guest on multiple TV shows.


Remy dressing up Larry Fitzgerald.

His journey in fashion began when he was just 6 years old living in Africa. He saw on TV the president JFK and his dream of dressing up the presidents was born. In Africa he began to nurture his passion for fashion by cutting out photos of dressed up men and critiquing them in his mind. His family moved to Paris, France where he went to a fashion school. In Paris he became a fashion model and also worked in fashion merchandising. In his late twenties he moved to the US. Just a few weeks after arriving in the US, the fortune turned against him and he became homeless in Brooklyn NY. While on the streets on New York, a complete stranger approached him and offered him help. That day the stranger put Remy up in a local hotel, paid his stay for the entire year, and left him an envelope of $1,000. All of this happened within couple of hours, and then the stranger vanished, never to be heard from again. This gave Remy the boost in his new life in America.

Through his contacts from his previous fashion related jobs in Europe, Remy got a job working for Valentino and other top fashion companies.

He never was able to dress the president JFK or other US presidents. However his great dream was fulfilled when he became the fashion stylist of JFK Jr., the son of the president JFK and he actually became JFK Jr.’s good friend when he lived in New York City. Since then Remy dressed over 200 top celebrities.

Remy’s quest for uncompromising quality is sought by his many clients and his book, Legends of Style, is the ultimate fashion reference for the sartorial gentleman. Now any man, of any body type, can learn to dress in a timeless style to enhance his image and confidence with Legends of Style. More about Remy can be found on his personal website

Remy Toh with Teresa doing yoga

Teresa trying to teach Remy some new Yoga pose.

Teresa and Remy at his book signing event, December 2014

Teresa and Remy at his book signing event, December 2014