Can you erase your trapped emotions? 1

Do you remember the last time you had anxiety, got nervous, or angry?


You probably felt like your stomach was in knots or when that anger kicked in, your heart rate and blood pressure started to rise.

Did you feel like you were going to explode by lashing out in actions or words that you would later regret?

What is happening to the body when you have these heightened emotions? 

Most of us have probably heard that the power of your intention or thoughts can set the tone or change an outcome. Thoughts are things, and emotions elicit somatic or bodily responses. 

Over time, these compounded emotions start to affect the body negatively by manifesting in physical issues and subconscious blocks. 

This is why emotional release work is just one of The Porter Method components, along with inner work (assignments and practices that help my clients start identifying their blocks).

The Porter Method

The Emotion Code is the type of emotional release technique I use in The Porter Method.

Overview of how it works:

Just as the human body has vascular systems that run blood from head to toe, our bodies also stream electromagnetic energy through an interconnected system. 

This system was discovered over 5,000 years ago and is the basis for acupuncture therapies. The efficiency is well documented and accepted by health organizations worldwide, including the U.S. National Institutes of Health. 

We learn from the study of physics that all things have an energetic vibration, including thoughts. Negative emotions and its energies disrupt or block that flow to various organs and areas of the body, causing weakness, pain, dysfunctions, disease, etc.

From Teresa’s personal experience, she found that the fastest and most effective therapy is the Emotion Code, which utilizes Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, to identify the body’s trapped emotions. Then a magnet is used down the governing meridian to release them. The governing meridian runs from the top of your head down to your tailbone. It is an energy reservoir that connects to all the acupuncture meridians of the body. 

Since the magnet is energy, you are putting energy into the governing meridian that instantly flows into the body, and the trapped emotion is released. 


An analogy is when magnets come in contact with our credit cards, it can erase the information stored on it. The Emotion Code helps release the trapped emotions (usually deep-rooted issues) that allow us to let go of our old stories, identities and remove the heavy baggage in our lives.


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Listen To Me Talk About The Emotion Code

Can you erase your trapped emotions? 2
Can you erase your trapped emotions? 3
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After seeing the same negative life patterns within myself and my clients for over two decades, I felt very inspired to design a formula that could remove the noise in our lives. This formula, my antidote, is called “The Porter Method“. This new methodology utilizes emotional release techniques, integrating physical movement with inner peace work. The variables of my formula require you to learn how to release your subconscious blocks, align with your authentic self, and give you the tools to reset and create a life by design.