How many of you not sure how to stretch your calves deep enough or just want a different way to stretch them?

Meet one of my old clients and students, Bryant Fought. I knew him when I worked at L.A. Fitness in 2010. He was one of the GM’s and was training for his 1st physique show and decided after some convincing to add yoga to cross train. Fast forward to 2016, he now lives in a different state, is engaged and has two kids. He decided to get back into shape and train for another show, which meant he needed yoga again! He did his 1st show May 22, 2017, since 2012 and he placed 1st & Overall. Goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to. Glad that yoga helped him in the process!


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Did you know right next to the dark shadowy part of yourself that you don’t want to look at, sits your greatest gift? But it takes the willingness to turn toward and work through your S.H.I.T. (Stress Habits Irritations Triggers) to connect to and offer this gift to the world.

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