Tone Your Abs, Arms Legs and Back

In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day

With more than 17 years as a health and wellness professional, wife, mother of three and creator of Sirrine Yoga, Teresa Porter remains passionate about practicing health and wellness in her own life, and teaching others how they can achieve optimal health and live a life they love to live!


5 Minutes To Tone [Sonoran Living ABC15] 1
5 Minutes To Tone [Sonoran Living ABC15] 2
5 Minutes To Tone [Sonoran Living ABC15] 3

Teresa sharing her passion for yoga on Sonora Living Live on ABC15. With being a working mother of three, she has had to learn how to use yoga in quick, effective ways! The segment featured how you can get a 5-minute workout with yoga. It is all about proper technique and breathing!

In 2013, Teresa had the opportunity to teach a “Yoga on the Lawn” series at Postino East, a wine bar in Gilbert, AZ. With it’s trendy location and Teresa’s creative techniques, the series quickly generated buzz within the community. Click here to view photos.

Live Life Unplugged

Did you know right next to the dark shadowy part of yourself that you don’t want to look at, sits your greatest gift? But it takes the willingness to turn toward and work through your S.H.I.T. (Stress Habits Irritations Triggers) to connect to and offer this gift to the world.

Remove the noise | Win back your day | Become a High Performer

Teresa has been blessed to work with clients for over 20 years and has seen first-hand that there are definite commonalities among people who have created the life they desire.

Are you ready to:

• To reconnect with yourself at the core?

• To finally dispose of the toxic stories you’ve always told yourself? 

• Remove the negative labels you been given that were ultimately holding you back from achieving success?

If so, let's talk!