Why Sirrine Yoga?

I wanted to combine my love for yoga, the outdoors, and helping people better their lives. I saw and heard the need for easy, short yoga videos online for everyone from beginner to intermediate levels. I decided to choose local attractions in my native state of Arizona as the backdrop for my yoga sequences because of the beauty and serenity they provide.

Since I started teaching in 2004, I have learned how beneficial yoga can be for all lifestyles, if done correctly. I have also seen how frightening yoga can be for the average person trying it for the first time. They might be interested, but are afraid of coming into a classroom setting and not knowing what to do. Or they are brave enough to come try a class, but they leave the class feeling completely frustrated. Either they were not given the correct, basic understanding of yoga with alignment, or they were not shown how to come into a pose from a beginner level.

I chose to train in Iygner yoga, based on my background in massage therapy. This style of yoga focuses on correct body alignment which allows the body to develop harmoniously in an anatomically correct way so that the student suffers no injury or pain when practicing correctly. Iyengar also incorporates the use of props to help the body into the correct positions required. When you incorporate different alignments principles, it helps to retrain the memory of the muscle to have better alignment and posture. In turn, this will help alleviate or lessen muscle tension. You will see how therapeutic it can be when practicing yoga in this form.

Using props in the style of Iygner yoga also breaks up the monotony of my classes. I love trying new activities, meeting new people, traveling, always changing my hair styles, and trying new foods. I get bored of the same routine so I bring this aspect into the way I teach.

With my years of experience of teaching in various settings, working with all different body types, ages, male and female students, and blending the hands on way that I learn, I came up with Sirrine Yoga. This method involves the principles of alignment (engaging the different muscle groups while in a pose), with exactness of breath while holding a pose and moving into the next pose. When you combine this with a serene landscape, you get the ultimate yoga experience.

You may feel awkward and uncomfortable the first several times you do yoga. This is understandable because you are learning to move your body in a new and altered way. I myself am a very hands on, visual learner so I take the time to show you the correct alignment helping you feel more comfortable. The number one excuse I hear from people as to why they do not do yoga is that they are not flexible enough.  You do not come into yoga being flexible, strong, and coordinated. As with anything in life, you have to start somewhere and build upon that foundation.

My students know that I always keep to the basics, but at the same time I am continually creating new sequences, fun ways to use props, and incorporating fresh music. I get bored with mundane routines in life, and the same goes for the way I teach yoga. It does not have to be so serious in nature. It should be an enjoyable activity and not a time to be critical of our abilities.

My vision it that everyone in the world will have access to yoga and practice it on a regular basis. Through my videos, my students will realize the benefits of yoga. They will learn how to progress from beginner to advanced safely, using correct alignment principles. They will not be intimidated by others, but learn how to draw upon their own inner strength in their practice.

Sirrine Yoga is…

simple. Created for all levels and done in a non-intimidating way

convenient. Sequences are 15 – 45 minutes, allowing even busy people to complete while at home or on the go.

for every BODY. Each sequence is designed in a way to take you through variations and stages no matter your current strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. You will be shown the necessary positions allowing you to track your progression to align with your ultimate goal of your yoga practice.