BREATHE! Lower Holiday Anxiety With Yoga

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How many of you put yourself last when the holidays roll around? With almost 20 years of being in the wellness industry, I have noticed a pattern that self-care gets neglected much more around the holidays. I know I am guilty of getting caught up in the “Busyness” around this time of year and forget that it is a time to give and enjoy our family and friends!

I have been working on putting me first with practicing yoga, workouts or quiet time before I start my day. Some days it’s only 5 or 10 minutes, but I have to live by one of my favorite sayings” Something is better than nothing.” This is what keeps my sanity and helps me be more motivated and productive throughout my whole day, especially as the busyness of the holidays approach us! Only you can take care of you!

Some helpful hints for putting you first:

  • Check in with yourself every morning and throughout the day to see what you need!
  • Allow blank space in your schedule for downtime
  • Schedule time for you and keep that apt with yourself
  • Minimize what you commit to so you don’t overschedule yourself
  • It is ok to say “NO, ” and it is a complete sentence

 Hope these simple yoga poses help you this holiday season!

Original video can be found here 3 Yoga Poses that help lower anxiety & increase energy for the holidays

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