Time to kick aside your inhibitions about doing yoga and put the stigmas where they belong. Men do yoga, and they do it because it improves their lives. Former NFL football player Keith Mitchell is not only proof of yoga’s power but is an inspiration for men seeking a better, healthier, and more successful life. Keith partnered with NFL Films and created this six-minute video where he discusses himself and how yoga has transformed his lifestyle. Click here to see the video.

In the 1980’s, ballet was the vehicle of success for the NFL and its players. NFL Hall of Fame inductee Lynn Swan credits ballet and dance to his success on the gridiron. Similar to yoga, ballet’s benefits included balance, core strength, focus, and concentration, among many other benefits. Today, ballet has given way to yoga due to its less restrictive environment, ease of use, and quick returns in time investment.


I have personally assisted males in achieving success in performance within body building shows, marathons, triathlons, the NFL, and the office. These men seek out my services for a many numbers of reasons including wanting to feel more alive to eliminating back, leg, and neck pain. My clients find that simple everyday tasks have become much easier to perform while their natural energy levels have increased allowing more “up-time” each day.


Simply said, yoga improves all aspects of male performance. It’s time to put aside the prejudice and regain your feelings of youthfulness. The “30-Day Yoga Challenge for Men” is your opportunity to prove to yourself, to your loved ones, and the world that you’re not afraid to be a man, to take control, to improve.


I challenged my own father to improve his life through yoga, and he’s hooked! Not only have his health issues declined, but he’s feeling younger and more alive than ever.


Watch His Testimonial


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You’ve been challenged. Can you prove me wrong? This yoga challenge is promoting that yoga can increase youthfulness, decrease pain, shorten recovery time, help you to feel more awake, that it will improve concentration or overall performance in life.  This challenge was created to invite more men like my father and those of all ages to get out of their comfort zone and to give yoga a try, to enhance the lifestyle they would like to live…no matter what that might be.


Now meet James Dore’, a recording artist, father, and teacher. He recently turned fifty and had never done yoga before. He is a singer, choreographer, songwriter and TV host. He has been performing music, appeared in billboard ads, fitness commercials, and fashion shows. James has always known yoga was good for him but was never willing to give it a chance. James accepted the “30 Day Challenge for Men” and we have agreed to document his journey from Day 1 to Day 31. To learn more about James and to hear his music go to www.jamesdoreworld.com


Watch my interview with James

The “30 Day Yoga Challenge for Men” invites men to use Sirrine Yoga Online’s yoga videos 2-3 times a week for one month.
Those who accept the challenge will create a short intro video explaining why you have decided to accept the challenge, including who you are, how you think yoga may improve your life, and why you have not previously used yoga to enhance life. We also ask that you record a few video sessions of yourself doing yoga so that we can document your journey and growth throughout the 30 days.


To help with video creation ideas:

Using any video recorder (an Android phone, iPhone, digital camera, or other) simply prop it up and begin recording. To feel most comfortable, feel free to take a few practice videos.
Identify yourself via name or simply by a descriptive sentence.
“Hello I am James, and I have accepted Sirrine Yoga’s 30 Day Challenge.”
“Hello I am a father of three, and I have accepted Sirrine Yoga’s 30 Day Challenge.”
Tell us why you have accepted the challenge and why you haven’t used yoga to improve your life previously.
“I am a teacher. I get up early, am running around all day, and when I get home, I have three children to raise. By the time I get to bed, I am exhausted. Not to mention sore. I simply want to find a way to have more energy and less pain thought out the day.”
“I haven’t used yoga in the past because I simply don’t have enough time, and honestly, I’m not sure it’s necessary for men. I am hoping that the time it takes to do the yoga pays off by offering me increased energy, or at least more restful downtime.”
Be on the lookout for achieved benefits of yoga, and state those in the videos.
Increased flexibility
Shorter recovery time after workouts
Overall well-being
More energy
Improved concentration, calmness, peace
Better mental clarity or focus
If you are one of those men that has always heard that yoga is good for you, but you haven’t yet given it a try, I challenge you to accept the “30 Day Yoga Challenge for Men.” You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel and see almost immediately! To get started click here

Please email Teresa your home videos and testimonials to teresa@sirrinestudio.com.

Looking forward to hearing, seeing, and sharing your results!

Try it out FREE for 14 days

If it's not everything you're looking for, cancel and you'll never be charged.

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